Eighth Step: Audrey Hepburn ~Part Three- Breakfast At Tiffany’s~


Besides watching some films(or as much as 5 year old’s attention will allow), doing some activities, and taking pictures, we read a cute little book called, Just Being Audrey. It is a shortened, and sweet version of Audrey’s life. From the struggles she encountered growing up: often hungry, in a war torn country, and from a broken family, she persevered with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Her childhood formed who she was as a person and influenced her humanitarian work. She is a true role model, being strong of character and mind and doing it all with extreme grace and kindness. It’s no wonder the legacy she’s left behind is as a beloved icon. This concludes our photos of Audrey, but our step in her shoes will continue with our own volunteer work with Feed My Starving Children.Without further ado,

our third step, Breakfast At Tiffany’s.