Eighth Step: Audrey Hepburn ~Part Two- My Fair Lady~


Audrey Hepburn was known in her early years for her film work and fashion. Later, she was known for her film work, fashion, and humanitarian work, becoming an ambassador for UNICEF. For our photo shoots it was impossible to choose just one look with such a long fashion history, so here is look 2 of 3, My Fair Lady. We attended Derby Day at Arlington Park for these photos. Everyone there was dressed up with their best hats on!

After planning outfits and buying tickets, making hats, we set off to the races! The day was finally here, and I was so excited, and really nervous. I didn’t know how I was going to get pictures with all the crowds or if she would even be cooperative once we got there. We got to the track and so many ladies wanted pictures of the girls and said how cute they looked that it really made her feel good and was happy to pose for pics. I got my camera out to finally start and…..no memory card! I had left it in my laptop! I didn’t have a back up either because I didn’t bring my full camera bag since I was going to have my hands full. Argh! I am very blessed with a loving and understanding husband. 🙂 He walked around the park that day propositioning people and finally found someone who sold him their memory card(this is after I suggested the gift shop carry them ;). Now the shoot could begin!

It was so much fun! They had a hat contest halfway through the races and there were some great ones! My girls were entered and were called up with all the other little girls as honorable mentions for pictures and interviewing. There were some really creative hats!

Buying that memory card was totally worth it and I’m so glad my husband had the nerve to do that for me! We got the address of the sweet woman and sent her the card back when we were done so she could have her pictures back. I was just happy to have been able to borrow it and she got a couple of extra mint juleps at the races, so it seems to have all worked out. 🙂

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