Seventh Step: Julia Child ~Exploring~


Julia Child has been so much fun to learn about! She was an amazing woman with such spirit and so inspiring! I’ve enjoyed reading her cookbooks, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She was one of those people who just got it. I think that’s why she seemed so happy. She knew what was important and didn’t let anything hold her back!

Julia has inspired us to do a lot of cooking lately! We tried her incredible recipe for Potato Leek Soup. Who knew such a simple recipe could render such a wonderful, flavorful soup? We did add a bit of cream to it, and it is now a staple on cold days here in Chicago! We also have been taking monthly cooking classes at Marcel’s, a wonderful shop with talented chefs and fantastic classes, in downtown Glen Ellyn. The classes were so much fun for Beatrice to attend. They really do a wonderful job there with the kids. While there, Beatrice has made cherry cobbler(which we’ve made at home twice now since the class), pizza pinwheels, dips, sandwiches, salads, and decorated some yummy cupcakes. It’s been a joy for both of us.

We’ve had some other fun experiences too. We expanded our library while learning about Julia and picked up some new cookbooks and picture books that we’ve read and created from. Our love affair with Master Chef Jr. continues, but we also added some episodes of The French Chef with Julia Child into the mix as well. I still haven’t seen all of Julie & Julia, but it’s coming up! For links to all the shows and books mentioned, plus other Julia items, check out our Pinterest board, Julia


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