This blog was inspired by a post by Jaime Moore Photography titled, ‘Not Just A Girl….’ I saw this post shared on Facebook probably in December 2013 or January 2014. I found it so compelling when I saw the pictures and read about what she was doing with her daughter.  I have two daughters of my own, one of whom will turn 5 this year and is mature, wise, and has a deeper understanding of things beyond her years.That post came at a time when I was, A) exploring and honing my photography skills, and B) realizing with each passing day that my little girls would not be little forever. Every book we read, conversation we have, and experience we share will one day be out of the realm of my influence. I need to make every moment count! Therefore, starting this year I wanted to begin a journey with my daughters that would be fun, meaningful, and something that we could: experience, learn and grow from –together. The idea is to learn about women throughout history who were/are influential, inspirational, powerful, smart, strong, trailblazers, or whom we just thought would be fun to know more about. We would learn together through reading, traveling, listening, watching and discussing these women–together. Our journey would be an opportunity for me to continue to practice my photography by capturing photos inspired by each woman that would encapsulate her for us as we take a step in her shoes.

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